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Acupuncture New Orleans

Thank you for your interest in acupuncture New Orleans. We welcome everyone who is ready to be in charge of their wellness and give themselves a future worth fighting for.

Have you tried everything you can think of to diminish your chronic pain? Are you always feeling sluggish and down? Our acupuncture clinic is here to solve your chronic pain issues and rejuvenate your body, mind and overall wellness.

We offer the best solutions for bettering your health because we find the root cause to your pain and health issues and repair your body from there.

Our acupuncture treatments include:

  • Facial Acupuncture
  • Scalp Acupuncture
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Fertility Acupuncture
  • Pain Management

About Acupuncture New Orleans LA

We are passionate about your health journey and we want to be a positive step in your progress. It has been exciting for us to see every patient that has walked through our doors improve in their overall life.

Our clinic provides New Orleans acupuncture like you have never seen before. Our acupuncture therapy techniques are tailored to you to give you a truly customizable treatment.

We value your long term results. It does not do you any good if your pain and health problems keep coming back. Each acupuncture therapist in our office will help you figure out where your health problems are rooted and aid in getting rid of the issues for good.

It is our goal to offer the best pain management New Orleans LA can give to you and show you the health potential you have with your body and your mind.

Our mission is to provide a safe space for you to relax and enjoy your time while we help you heal. We are committed to using clean and high quality acupuncture needles while practicing up to date treatments that provide top notch results.

Our office is the leading company for long lasting New Orleans pain management and safe and effective acupuncture.

Why Choose Us?

Our office has a high retention rate because we improve your health long-term. We have been able to help our patients feel lasting positive effects from our acupuncture services.

We offer the safest acupuncture New Orleans has administered to the area because we continue to learn and stay up to date with the growing evidence in acupuncture techniques and benefits.

It is very important to our company that:

  • We treat your pain in a relaxing way that will help you feel calm while you are with us.
  • Our treatments come with little to no side effects to give you a positive experience.
  • We are able to help treat underlying conditions that you may have not known were there.
  • Our clinic offers the best pain management New Orleans has been able to provide.

We have been helping the community heal and bring harmony to the body and mind for many years. Our acupuncturists are masters in the craft of acupuncture and they are always willing to learn new skills and continue to be better.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to take back your health. We know you are busy, but you are worth the time and effort that we will take for you. Let us lead the way to a better and healthier you.

Call our office immediately to get your body back to how it should be. Pain free is the way your body should be.

What To Expect

Our product standards and treatment quality is top of the line in the New Orleans community. We only use the best when it comes to your acupuncture therapy services.

Patients enjoy our clinic because we are professional and personable. You are greeted like family and treated like a celebrity.

It is important to us that you understand that you are worthy of being and feeling as healthy as possible. We know you will feel like new with the best acupuncture New Orleans has to offer and you will understand the importance of overall health and wellness.

Our acupuncture services can help with:

  • Nausea and vomiting that is a result of chemo-therapy.
  • Pain in the mouth, teeth, and gums.
  • Labor pains.
  • Back pain both lower and upper.
  • Menstrual cramps and other symptoms.
  • Allergies
  • Neurological disorders

Before you arrive:

  • Call our office to set up an appointment that works best with your schedule.
  • Eat something before you come to your appointment. Acupuncture done on an empty stomach can result in nausea or feeling light headed.
  • Do not drink anything that contains caffeine, especially coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates your body and it is our goal to calm your body.
  • Avoid any activities that are taxing before you come in.

During your appointment:

  • Be prepared to have a consultation that will go over your past health, current health, and lifestyle. We need to know as much as possible so we know where the root cause of your pain is coming from.
  • We will decide what technique and needle placement will be best for your health issues.
  • You will lay down and relax while we place the acupuncture needles and add stimulation to get your blood flowing.
  • We will recommend a treatment plan that will give you lasting results.

Acupuncture Services

You will experience acupuncture benefits from all of our treatment options. We are devoted to healing your body and creating balance in your mind by offering services that can help with any of your health concerns. The quality of your well-being can only improve when you decide to come see us.

new orleans electroacupuncture


This service will kick it up a notch for any acupuncture treatment that you need. Sometimes traditional acupuncture can’t do enough for your health problems and electroacupuncture can bump up the effectiveness by adding extra stimulation to the acupuncture needles. Chronic pain can be difficult to alleviate with traditional acupuncture if the pain is deep within. Electroacupuncture can get to the hard areas and increase blood flow for pain management.

new orleans scalp acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture

This service is the perfect option for all neurological types of disorders. The nervous and endocrine systems can be accessed in certain areas of the scalp to stimulate the activities of the brain and bring harmony between the brain and the body. The results of this service can treat problems like anxiety, headaches, migraines, and Parkinson's and relief can be felt almost immediately.

new orleans  acupuncture pain management

Pain Management

Pain management can be difficult and the road to recovery can be long. We provide non invasive options to manage your pain while you are able to relax and feel calm during the process. Acupuncture is the perfect option for pain management if you want to stay away from getting any surgery or taking prescription medication. We will give you the relief you are searching for in a naturopathic way.

new orleans fertility acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture

It is better for you and your future child to do less medical intervention as possible when conceiving. Fertility acupuncture can do that for you. This service can be done for any type of fertility issues in men and women. Some of the benefits of fertility acupuncture treatment include, an increase of blood flow to reproductive organs, balanced hormones, and stress relief. Patients can see results in a few months and can continue to receive acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy.

new orleans facial acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

This service is naturally anti-aging and will bring back the collagen in your face. We insert needles into specific points of the face to increase the blood flow from deep within the skin and bring it to the surface. The results of this service will decrease the appearance of most wrinkles, tone the skin on your face, and in some cases reduce the appearance of scarring.

About New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans is located along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. It is the most populated city in the state with a population of about 390,000 people.

The city is known for its nightlife, its unique cuisine, and the music scene. New Orleans is nicknamed the “Big Easy” and is a fun place for tourists to visit.

The economy in New Orleans is dependent on higher education, oil production, and entrepreneurial industries. Another major contributor to the economy is tourism. It accounts for about 40% of the tax revenue.

Surrounding cities for New Orleans include:

  • Kenner, LA
  • Marrero, LA
  • Little Woods, LA
  • Laplace, LA
  • Slidell, LA
  • Terrytown, LA
  • Chalmette, LA
  • Harvey, LA
  • Audubon, LA
  • Many other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best acupuncture near me that will give me actual results?

Our acupuncture clinic is highly rated by our patients as being the best option for New Orleans and surrounding cities acupuncture.

Is there a certified and qualified acupuncturist near me that can help with my problems?

We only employ acupuncturists that are licensed and have certifications that meet the state’s requirements.

How does acupuncture work to create balance in the body?

The acupuncture needles are inserted in specific points to create an energy that combines with the blood flow to balance the body.

What does acupuncture do for the mind?

Our acupuncture treatments can relive any stress you are experiencing and balance your mind so you feel at ease.

Does your office offer the best acupuncture near me?

We are considered your best options for all acupuncture needs. We provide results that you can’t find anywhere else.

How much does acupuncture cost for someone who doesn’t have insurance?

Call our office for further detail on treatment pricing and out of pocket expenses.

Are you the most qualified clinic for fertility acupuncture near me?

Our patients see positive results from our fertility acupuncture treatments. We are properly certified to perform the treatment with optimal effectiveness.

Do your services provide acupuncture for anxiety?

Our services can help treat mental disorders such as anxiety and help calm your mind.

Is there a treatment for acupuncture for migraines?

We offer migraine and headache relief and in some cases we are able to help you get rid of them all together.

Does your clinic provide acupuncture for back pain?

Our office is proud to give our patients positive results from our back pain acupuncture treatments.

Client Testimonials

This is hands down the best acupuncture clinic around. I had been dealing with lower back pain that surgery couldn’t even help. I felt immediate after my appointment here. I have been able to live a better quality of life.

Matt Y.

Everyone at this clinic is so professional and kind! I am always greeted with a smile and it makes me feel comfortable walking in. I was able to get help with my fertility issues and gave birth to a healthy baby because of this acupuncture clinic.

Lexi P.

Wow! The office was so clean and they took great care in sanitization protocols. I felt safe knowing I was in the hands of an acupuncturist who cared about my health. They were detail oriented and gave me great results.

Rene’e K.

contact us today!

Your health improvements will be long lasting because of acupuncture New Orleans and our custom techniques. We are here for you and we know how hard it is to take control over your health and wellness.

Our solutions for your health problems will leave you wondering why it took you so long to give us a chance. It is our duty to heal your body and create a balance throughout that you have probably never felt.

Call our office and set up a time to come see us. We want to be a listening ear and positive solution to the health problems that you have had to deal with for so many years.

Acupuncture New Orleans

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